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Welding UK

Welding UK

Welding UK is part of the Momentum Group stockists and repairers of welding products and WelderTraining to Coded Standards.

Catering to all types of customers from the home handy man and the local farmer, to the largest engineering firms in the UK, we ensure to provide the best quality goods at comparative prices and offer fantastic Training for all levels of Students from beginers to experianced 

It's all about the right attitude and Welding UK Promote this .

A way of doing things and a real expression of the true pioneering UK spirit.  It's what makes this country great and Welding UK/Momentum has been right behind UK engineering, making things happen for over 20 years.

As a progressive company looking to the future, Welding UK and Momentum are responding to customer and market demands.  We understand what it takes to be innovative and provide the right equipment and high levels of service to do the job properly.

So, if you are thinking about applying the right attitude to what you do, then consider what Welding UK and Momentum can do for you.
We have a 20 year history of providing innovative welding products and solutions to industries throughout UK and Europe.  We are proud of this reputation and proud of our team.

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